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kasonsmom's Journal

18 May
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The Basics: 31, Female, Married, Rhode Island, Mother of two precious boys one of which is very special needs.

Married to a military man so I'm a pro at the thoughts "No news is good news" & "Hurry up & wait".

I'm a professional advocate. Working Part time as an advocate in the NICU. The rest of the time as an advocate for my family!

I'm extreamly passionate but only about a few things. Other than those things I can be fairly indecisive.

Love, Love, Love meeting new people! I love learning about new people, their lifestyles and seeing things from different perspectives. I believe online friends are good friends (sometimes even better) than the friends I see every week.

I dont judge anyone and I'm not accepting to being judged or pressured into feeling a certain way.

Tv & I get along very well. I have quite a few favorite shows & I'm easily drawn in to anything I see. DVR is one of the best things ever created.

I love food & while I'm picky I wont judge a food by it's calories :) Due to this I should probably spend more time at the gym than I do.

I never knew how strong I was until fate pushed a whole lot of mountains in front of me. I'm still climbing but I have faith one day I'm going to get to the top of all of them.

I get frustrated & sad but I'm not a "problem" person. I don't have a new issue or problem every day.

I believe happiness depends on how we handle a day.